Making Changes

I have been sick for the past week with sinus junk, so the last thing I have felt like doing was writing. The words were not coming and I didn’t feel like wracking my brain to come up with something mediocre. But I’m feeling a lot better today and finally feel like I have something to talk about.

MK and I have decided that we need to make a few changes–changes in what we eat, changes in our church attendance and involvement (we’ve been lazy lately), and just general changes in the way we’re currently living.

It’s time to get down to business. We aren’t getting any younger. MK saw a show on PBS the other night (Eat, Fast and Live Longer with Michael Mosley) about how what we eat and how much/often we eat can affect not just our physical health, but our mental health. Studies were done concerning how fructose affects the onset of Alzheimer’s. And one of MK’s fears is that his mind will go long before his body, so this was a huge wake-up call for him. He has always thought that the HFCS debate was hokey and urban legend-y and that it’s basically the same thing as regular cane sugar. But for some reason, he took this research seriously and admitted to me that we need to make some changes in our diet. It wasn’t just about the sugar and corn syrup (namely, sodas), but other things like how much protein we eat versus how much we really need. I have already started changing up my diet and had started the South Beach diet this week, so at least I’m in the right mind-set to help him begin eating more healthy foods. He can’t do the Phase 1 exactly like I can because he needs healthy carbs due to his diabetes (Phase 1 is basically no bread, sugar, not even fruit for two weeks while your body fights all the junk food cravings and allows you to sort of detox until you move on to more healthy, complex carbs including fruit and whole grains in moderation). But I can prepare some sides for him that I won’t be eating and just fill up on more veggies until I move on to Phase 2. Basically, he’ll be doing Phase 2 while I’m still on 1, but it will be doable and not at all difficult to work with. He needs to lose weight and can’t do too much vigorous exercise involving his bad leg (due to hip replacement two years ago) but we are going to begin walking after supper in the evenings due to the longer-lasting light; this will be good for all of us because it will provide us with physical activity and allow us to spend some outdoors time with Little Dude.

We are also going to be more seriously about church. I admit that we have slacked off since having a child and that’s precisely the time when we should have gotten more committed. But sometimes it’s hard to coordinate naps, feedings, and gathering up all the bags you need to take when leaving the house with a baby. Then that baby turns into a toddler and it’s not as hard, but it’s still hard to leave the house with them sometimes. And working all week outside the home, then coming home and engaging in mothering and wifery, I’ve gotten lazy and talked myself into staying home on Sundays too often. And we’ve pretty much quit going to Sunday School. So, we are going to do better with that because Little Dude needs to be in Sunday School. There’s also a new marriage focus class beginning on Sundays that we want to go to. In addition, our women’s ministry is really gaining momentum and a new class on prayer is being offered during the week; I plan to get involved with that.

We have been trying to get MK some disability assistance for his health issues for the past year. We keep getting denied and are having to put in appeal after appeal. He just can’t physically do any work that his education and experience would allow him to do. The last job he had, which he truly enjoyed, is not possible due to his limitations. So, he’s been considering some options he can do from home. Please pray for us in this area because this has been a stress and a struggle for us this past year. It’s been very difficult to make ends meet with my income alone and although he truly wants to contribute and provide, God has not opened any doors yet. We are waiting on him to show us what needs to be done. My husband is very smart and just needs to right opportunity to come along.

And in that vein, to save some commuting expenses, I am now riding the commuter van to work after a 3-year hiatus. It has taken me a few days to get used to the earlier wake time (we leave town at 6:50) but getting home 30 minutes earlier each day has been really nice. And my employer subsidizes what we pay in van fare, so it’s a wash; we get reimbursed each quarter for what we pay to commute. It’s a great incentive and I’m glad they offer it. Plus, it cuts down and wear and tear to my car, which is helpful because that thing is 9 years old.

So, yes, lots of changes in the works but this is a good thing. It gives us a change to start fresh and improve our livelihood. I’ll keep you posted on our journey.

Are you making any changes this spring?

One thought on “Making Changes

  1. I always feel sooo much better when I get off sugar. Currently on somewhat of a sugar kick right now and I need to kick it out! So bad for you and makes you feel yucky.

    Yay for getting involved in church again. It’s really my favorite hour of the week! I love our church!

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