I feel better now. I had someone comment today on my giveaway post, someone whose heart is stirred by children with no homes. What better book to give away to her! If you missed the giveaway, the book is only $2.99 on Amazon right now. I am grateful to Make Way Partners for allowing me to bless someone with this book.

I still feel the need to let my blogging take a back seat and focus on more self-directed writing without the pressure of an audience. Thank you for bearing with me and I will be back soon. I may even share some things that don’t take too much brain power (my son’s school photos, a review of a cabin we stayed in a few months ago, that sort of thing).

I also changed up my blog design and I’m a lot happier with the way it looks. I hope that it has improved the commenting issues, but I’m not holding my breath.

So long for now and congratulations to Michelle*, my winner!

*Not my cousin Michelle, a different Michelle. Haha.

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